September 06, 2021 2 min read

In the wake of regulatory hurdles, including Congressional amendments to the PACT (“Prevent All Cigarette Trafficking)” Act, several consumer favorite brands from the bronze age of vaping faded, or disappeared. Until now.

Founded by flavor connoisseurs, Five Pawns had a choice to make: spend over $15 million to comply with new regulations on tobacco-derived nicotine, or innovate. A belief in small batch manufacturing, and gravimetrically poured quality made the decision easy. Five Pawns left tobacco behind in favor of Tobacco-free, pharmaceutical-quality nicotine.

“We knew we would never sacrifice flavor, quality, or consistency,” said  Gavin Tucker, CEO of Five Pawns, “and now we have an opportunity to revive some of the legendary brands of our industry.”

Five Pawns is proud to announce the acquisition of global exclusive licenses to a fan favorite selection of classic e-liquid brands and flavors. The Legacy Collection includes: 

Dillinger by Villain Vapors
Salted Caramel by District One21
Sweet Black Tea by POET
Whirling Dervish by Vape Orenda
Banana Pudding by The Plume Room

“We recognize the necessity of fair and reasonable regulations, yet these are anything but that, and have forced many small businesses to close their doors. We were fortunate enough to get through this, and are thrilled to make our discerning customers’ once and future vapor favorites available again,” added Tucker.

Based on the philosophy that simple, pure notes can combine to create beautiful complexity, Five Pawns found its name over a game of chess, and a discussion about the five tastes of the palette. With premium packaging, the highest quality ingredients, handcrafted to create multi-layered complex flavors reminiscent of a culinary experience, Five Pawns surmounted recent massive challenges to the vaping industry, without forgetting its roots. Each Five Pawns liquid touches the five tastes of the Palette.

The Legacy Collection by Five Pawns is launching September 9th, 2021 to quality vapor stores worldwide.


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