Nicotine Strength


Featuring a creamy rich peanut butter edge, this smooth vape is made with fresh banana cream and then drizzled with velvety caramel flavor. Five Pawns Grandmaster e-liquid is considered an all-day vape by many customers and vaping enthusiasts alike. This Five Pawns vape transcends mellow sweetness!

50PG/50VG Blend

*This product contains tobacco-free nicotine.

Customer Reviews

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The flavor is not as the same before. It doesn’t taste like banana anymore. Why did you remove the banana !!?? Your products before 2021 are butter than now .

Guillermo Lopez
Product is awesome, shipping however sucks

I love 5 pawns grandmaster. I've been vaping grandmaster for years.
Shipment is aweful. Getting the product to me is terrible. I get my chewys orders much faster.

Theresa Vita
Not good

Have not received order placed on 2/15/22 and today is 3/1/22

We have just now transitioned to our private courier service which is why you are seeing this new tracking information.

Due to the PACT Act, we are no longer allowed to ship packages through USPS, Fed Ex, UPS. This is not unique to Five Pawns as all online vape vendors are now required to adhere to these regulations, or they face civil and/or criminal penalties.

We will experience some longer delivery times and less visibility with tracking. Depending on coverage area, some packages arrive much faster and some will take longer. Unfortunately, this isn’t the way we prefer to conduct business as USPS was much more consistent and easier however, this is beyond our control and options have been removed from us.

We hope to continue to offer our customers an online, door to door service and that in time this service will become as consistent as USPS.

Please accept my apologies for the delays and I hope for a little patience as we make this rocky transition.

Robert Ferguson
Change is bad! bad! bad!

Just as great today “as it was years ago”

E. G.

We’ll… it’s no Castle Long but nothing is… First off, I only vape Five Pawns juices. Nothing else comes close. Grandmaster is my #2. Smooth, “Grown Up” flavor I can vape all day, several days in a row until my 60ml is gone. Bowden’s Mate is my #3.
Note to Five Pawns, “Bring back Kibitzers and Isolane! And go back to the glass bottles”