Nana Berry

Nicotine Strength


The bolder, sweeter, fruitier Nana Berry you've asked for has arrived. Nana Berry is a mouth-watering vape. From the first hit, even the most fruit-loving Vapers are sure to be taken back with its unique delivery of Garden Strawberry and a hint of Cavendish Banana.


*This product contains tobacco-free nicotine.

Customer Reviews

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Thomas I
[****] is Good Stuff

I was looking for something citrus, and this is one of my gotos now.

Customer Beebe Gunn
Exeeds what I expected!

Even better than the vape nectar I had come looking for. I feel like I'm in the wall paper scene from Willy Wonka! The 'nana tastes like nana! the Strawberry is scrumdidillyumptious! Thank you 5P!

Anthony Thrush
Best juice ever

Best juice I’ve ever smoked , grand master is By far my favorite , add a little nana berry and it’s even better. I often mix different flavors to experiment , the legacy sample pack is the way to go.

Angel Berry
An amazing surprise!

I did not really think I’d like this flavor, but I got a delightful surprise!!! It’s now one of my favorite flavors,,,

Jill Falther
Berry Limeade and other Fruit flavors

It burns up the coil within a day compared to the original, in my case Symmetry Six, my coils last a week or more. I wish you would acknowledge my comments.

Jill, First and foremost we appreciate your business and for taking the time to leave us some feedback.

In nearly 10 years in the Harm Reduction Industry we have observed millions of adult smokers make the transition to vaping. In those years it is evident that there are two primary types of Vapers.

The first is the Mouth to Lung enthusiast looking for distinct flavor with less sweetness, a slightly more noticeable throat hit and lower power device settings. Technically their settings are 12-30 watts and a .75-1.5 ohm coil that requires less power.
Five Pawns Originals just like your Symmetry Six are designed for this type of use with a less viscous 50 vg 50 pg mix ratio.

The second group would be the Direct to Lung Vapers that enjoy sweeter flavor profiles, typically uses settings from 30-100 watts and inhales deep and directly from the first click of the power button.
The extra heat mixed with the sweetness of the flavor can ‘gunk up’ coils far more rapidly. Orchard Blends have a distinct sweetness and is more viscous with a 70 vg 30 pg and although is enjoyed optimally at slightly higher power levels we still suggest vaping these at or below 30 watts to minimize the thickening of spent liquid on the coil.

We hope this helps and welcome you to write us for advice and recommendations of equipment.