Symmetry Six

Nicotine Strength


Try Symmetry Six's NEW and IMPROVED taste. Featuring strawberry and perfectly cooked sugared rhubarb, this vape flavor is enhanced with savory cut oat grains and Graham cracker crumbles. We've enhanced the velvety vanilla cream for a bolder, more full-bodied taste. Five Pawns Symmetry Six e-liquid will satisfy fruit and dessert lovers alike.

50PG/50VG Blend

*This product contains tobacco-free nicotine.

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Angel Berry
Very good!

Did not think I would like this one, but semmetry six has become one of my favorites!

Joshua Pike
Love it, but it's not the same

A co-worker had given me a bottle of it 1 day and I loved it and knew I had to get more, the flavors blend well in a nice fruity and creamy taste that makes you not want to stop vaping it.

I will say my only complaint is that it's more mellow on the flavors now then with the bottle I had gotten from my co-worker 2 1/2 years ago. Not sure if thats due to a change in the recipe or from something else.

Mehzakhein Persephoni Amaunet
i think the title is cute

i love mixing the taste with my Grandmaster or CastlLong then filling the cartridge with Gambit. The Symmetry Six is a Great super sugery TREAT!

Bryan Neal
Smooth, all day vape

No complaints on this one. Great blend. Not too sweet or sour...

Jeremy B
Disappointed with the new formula

Symmetry Six has always been in my top 2 favorite flavors. Only being beat by Castle Long Reserve.
When I tried the most recent bottle of Symmetry Six, it was very harsh with a lack of flavor. I thought it was a bad coil, so I changed it and tried it again. It was still very harsh and I am unable to enjoy one of my favorite flavors.