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Castle Long
Kevin Self

Castle Long

Just love this flavor.

So, glad you all are back. I was fearing going local. This juice rocks.

Great product

Castle Long Reserve limited edition is by far my favorite flavor of all the flavors from any company I have tested. I've been trying different flavors from various companies for nine years now Grandmaster was one the first ones I've tried all those years ago and to this day five pawns is the only company I have bought from repeatedly so I feel my search is over and I don't think anyone will have a better flavor than Castle Long Reserve for my taste. So if you haven't tried it yet or have and wasn't sure I say do yourself a favor and try it and let them know that it should be available year round. If you made it this far enjoy a great flavor

Castle Long
estelle Murphy
Great delivery and taste

Great delivery time and great taste 👍

Bowden's Mate Nicotine Salt

Great gift!

Beautiful presentation!!!

Berry Limeade ICE
Chien-Hao Huang

Berry Limeade ICE

Robert Franke

Grandmaster is an all day go to for me as is Bowden’s mate but the flavor I really miss is Kibitzer, the pineapple upside down cake. Can you PLEASE bring that one back?

Black Flag Risen
Sherry Mcclain
Black flag risen

Great quality!

Black Flag Risen
Justin Askins
9 out of 10 John Smiths agree!

This flavor is both smooth and spicy enough to be engaging, and often receives compliments from those nearby.

Castle Long
Sean McCullough

For me, Five Pawns is the best Vape Juice that I can find. I have several that I like, but Castle Long is my favorite. Don’t misunderstand, I enjoy many flavors of Five Pawns, but this is my favorite. The flavor is so enjoyable. I don’t like really sweet juices, and this is just right. It’s good for an all day juice and relaxing after a good meal. Very tasteful and relaxing.


I knew I should've stocked up more this has been one of my solid favorites for at least 4 years or more. Keeping my fingers crossed my local shop still has some.

James Anthony Gabrish Jr.

This is the only e-juice I use, I have not been able to find another anywhere close to this flavor. This got to to quit smoking and so when I heard that online sales were stopping due to shipping issues with USPS and the regulations, I loaded up on juice. Now, a month later, I have two bottles left and just got the email today that the online shop is back open and I go to order more juice but they do not ship to my zip code in CHARLESTON, SC anymore!!!!!! UGH!!!!! Nor my mothers house in a completely different city, Columbia, SC, and I do not understand that because they have 3 vape shops in Columbia, SC that carry yalls juice but only the Tobacco flavors...I wish we could order online and at least pick up at a store that yall already ship juice too and the customer, aka me, come pick it up. Like this completely freakin sucks...Five Pawns has had my business for over 5 years now and for this shipping companies to do this and be able to ship to loyal customers. Its not like I live out in the boonies or something, Charleston is a huge city and am just shocked yall cannot ship here for the time being. I would give 5 stars as usual but I am totally bummed and hope this changes before I run out of juice....

Castle Long
Melodie C
Castle Long

Absolutely delicious juice. Love the rich dessert flavor with a hint of coconut. Always a favorite all day vape. Definitely recommend!

Very picky on flavors

I like a light sweet flavor vape and this is my number one! It’s sad the world has to control everything that’s good. I will keep checking to see if my zip code comes up please stay around.

Castle Long
Kenneth L Duffield
Not what it use to be.

Good, but it has changed, an not for the better. Use to be premium, now it's just good.


I’ve been a fan since day one. Day one for me was over six years ago. Love five pawns! Castle long is amazing and the reserve is even better. Keep up the good work!

Black Flag Risen

See above review where i complained that they messed up my very last order by sending me the wrong product. Lo and behold i opened my mailbox and found 5 bottles of Black Flag Risen. Thank you Five Pawns. Great product, WAS extremely fast shipping before this setback. I work in the Asheville, NC area and there is a shop there that carries Five Pawns but it was so convenient having it shipped so fast.. Good luck and i am sure we will be doing business together in the future,

Castle Long Reserve MMXXI

Great service. Okay juice.

Everything arrived on time. I’d never tried this flavor before. Not one of my favorites unfortunately.

kathy knecht
I love all 5 pawns liquids.

Well, not menthol!

One of the best liquids ever made!

I have always been a fan of Five Pawns Castle Long flavor. The Reserve is even better. You get the original flavor that Castle Long is known for plus subtle notes of oak. Five Pawns will always be my go to company for E-liquid. They are simply on another level, period!

michael mahusay


To bAd I can’t order from you guys anymore

Castle Long
randall tufts
Castle long = excellent flavor

Simply perfect to the last drop. A flavor i just can't seem to put down. Five Pawns is always rich and packed full of flavor that is second to none. More please!!!

Oak Barrel

has an overwhelming oak taste, cant taste much of anything else