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Castle Long
RM. Milanovic

Castle Long


This has become my second favorite behind Grandmaster which I have used for years. Thank you for another incredibly smooth and flavorful Vape.

the paradigm

searched for years for THE banana ejuice....have tried many...finally...five pawns banana pudding arrives...and its THE ONE. fantastic. every aspect covered...ordered a second bottle after first puff. KUDOS!

Castle Long
John Fussell
Amazing juice!

Castle Long is literally the only juice my wife and I vape. If they ever stop selling it, we are in trouble.

Mango Passion
Chris BigKnowledge Garland
So good!!

I've tried many of mango flavor eliquids over the years and this by far is the best on the market!!


extremely subtle...flavor-wise. obviously well-made and high quality (always expected from 5 pawns)...but would prefer more flavor...that is, less subtle.
problem order included a bottle of plume room banana pudding...which turned out to be fantastic...the banana e-juice i have sought for years!
(dillinger pales in comparison flavor-wise)


D21 seems like it’s been around since first clearomizers. Couldn’t be a more classy combo than this caramel treat coming from a respected company like Five Pawns along w/ the others they decided bless us with out the vault! If you know you know! Thank you & many Blessings Fam!


Creamy medium thick mouthfeel. Sweet non cloying no sweetener. Nose is coffee cream sweet. Inhale is rich coffee cream sweet with chocolate. Think coffee mocha caramel. Exhale reveals truffle and walnut. Overall a top tier juice that vapes and wicks easily as its 50% pg so on the runny side which I prefer and this juice recipe has plenty of thick cloud mouthfeel.. A juice with a dark side highly recommended as it is complex and has no nasty cheap horrid taste of sweeteners.. Can't say that about many juice today.. Rob throathit diy modder and mixer for well over ten years..


I love this juice! Tastes like Banana Runts which was my favorite childhood candy, so very nostalgic for me. Banana, Wafers and Cream! So damn good!

Bowden's Mate

I received my new order on Friday.
Thank you so very! Very much. I will be taking the first order that was not correct to ups today to mail back to you. Again, it is always a pleasure to be a longtime customer and will continue to be.👍😁

Bowden's Mate
Casey Phillips

Bowden's Mate

E. G.

We’ll… it’s no Castle Long but nothing is… First off, I only vape Five Pawns juices. Nothing else comes close. Grandmaster is my #2. Smooth, “Grown Up” flavor I can vape all day, several days in a row until my 60ml is gone. Bowden’s Mate is my #3.
Note to Five Pawns, “Bring back Kibitzers and Isolane! And go back to the glass bottles”

Great Sampler Pack

Love the sampler pack! Really gives the opportunity to learn what you like before buying. I love the diversity of flavors.

My favorites were Grandmaster, Castle Long and Symmetry Six. They had good complexity and the flavors were spot on. The other flavors are also good. Bowden’s Mate is quite minty. For me, it’s enjoyable in small amounts. When I want a cooling hit.

Thank you Five Pawns. Keep up the good work.

Nana Berry
Angel Berry
An amazing surprise!

I did not really think I’d like this flavor, but I got a delightful surprise!!! It’s now one of my favorite flavors,,,

District One21 - Salted Caramel
Juan vicente CPS-140303


Castle Long
Darryl wilson

Castle Long

Villain Vapors - Dillinger
Alexandra Buxton
Sweet and Bold

Dillinger is a new juice for me. I bought the sample pack and vaped the entire bottle in a day. This is delicious and perfectly balanced. Caramel Vanilla + Custard would normally just be way too sweet for me. This juice is not too anything. This is PERFECTLY balanced. I think the “custard” softens the sweetness coming from the Vanilla & Caramel acting as a milk/cream type.
This juice is fantastic. I like mixing it in with my Castle Long, too.

Castle Long
Alexandra Buxton
The BEST of the best

I started vaping Castle Long and took a break when the salts came out and the mods changed. I didn’t realize that real juice and real flavor needs a certain power to allow all flavor to come out. I thought I lost my taste buds.
This juice is more like a cocktail of rare antiquities perfectly blended. I’m not a Tobacco lover or bourbon/sweet lover, but Castle Long is my juice. The sweet is just right, the bourbon gives it the one of a kind taste, and it is my ‘always’ juice that never fails.

Very banana!

If you like bananas, you’ll love this banana pudding!!

Love Dillinger

biding my time till castle long reserve ships, I really liked this flavor.

Been vaping for years. Love their Flavor Selection.

Gambit is a favorite of the wife whom also vapes. She enjoys the apple flavor with the light ice cream whipped flavor mixed in. She says it's quite hard to quit vaping it.

Castle Long
Noel Potter
Can't get enough

I absolutely love it

Symmetry Six
Angel Berry
Very good!

Did not think I would like this one, but semmetry six has become one of my favorites!

Poet - Sweet Black Tea
Christopher Dunkleberger
Just as it was

Thank you for bringing back Black Sweet Tea by POET!

Elo Tobacco
Andrew Potter

Great flavor!