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Lip smacking!

Tart & sweet! Tastes just like MY lemon cake!!! I love it! ♥️


I’ve been looking for a good coffee flavored vape and I think I’ve finally found it! I’m a huge Five Pawns fan and rarely vape anything else. I use 3mg version on various sub ohm hardware. I can immediately taste the coffee (not bitter black coffee) and almost immediately after delicious sweet cream. Honestly, I don’t know if I’d actually call it “cannoli” cream but it tastes great just the same without being overly sweet. I love it and if you like dessert or coffee type flavors, I’d definitely give it a try.

Excellent Continuation of the Castle Long Reserve Tradition

[6mg; 3mg]
A delicious blend that makes the annual Reserve release well worth the wait. This blend tastes a bit more roasted almond-forward than the standard Castle Long, but maintains the overall flavor profile makes the original blend so enjoyable. Instead of simply being too much, the additional hints of wood and bourbon add a layer of delightful complexity to an already complex blend, making the flavor as intriguing as it is delicious. Not necessarily an all-the-time blend, it is worth the extra price as a decadent treat.

Second Chances

So the first time i tried this...I didn't like it. My favorite was One Eyed Turtle (Microbrew) for a while but I kept trying to find another non-sweet and non-fruity staple. Then i eventually went back to it for some reason and somehow it totally snuck up on me and I completely flipped on it. No matter what else i try, this is the only one that I really, really enjoy. Give it time if you weren't sure and it may surprise you.


The most amazing vape experience. If you love Castle Long Reserve you will probably love this as well. Great price.

Castle Long
Angelo Rosa

The best quality substances should go into one’s body. As someone who has vaped for nearly ten years on four continents, I can say with certainty that Five Pawns provides the best quality vaping liquid in the world.

Black Flag Risen
David Biggs

It is ok

Castle Long
Ka Hung Cho
Great taste all the time!

Enjoying my new bottles of castle long! Thank you five pawns!

Legit strawberry and cream

Don't get me wrong, I love artifical strawberry. Candy, eliquid, gum, etc. But this stuff tastes like real strawberries. Like fereal. The cream is not overpowering, it accentuates the strawberry flavor perfectly. Fantastically unexpected this is def a 5 star flavor. 100%.

One of the best custards on the market

I remember the first time I got Dillinger back in the day. It was my all day vape I would buy bottles upon bottles of it. Back before the diacetyl paranoia. It's not exact, But it definitely reminds me of the original. Super delicious. Very unique custard it doesn't taste like all the rest. it's amazing. The hype is real.


If you're a dessert head like I am you'll love this stuff. Taste like a fried cake donut with light hints of vanilla custard. Def an adv.

A Rare Miss

[3mg, Lot 101]

I desperately wanted to like this blend. Unfortunately, instead of tasting like lemon, cake, or lemon cake, it's more of a lemon-ish blend in which no single flavor really stands out, but, inexplicably, the components really don't mesh either. While I enjoy Five Pawns' blends immensely, Grandma’s Lemon Cake (or, at least, the bottle that I received) is just unpleasant. As the title states, this blend is a rare miss for the company. I will try it again in a few weeks and, hopefully, the flavor will develop into something enjoyable or, at least, serviceable.

Kingside Tobacco
Arla Christie
Review of Kingside Tobacco

I’m so pleased with Kingside, great tobacco taste and a good throat hit. I had ordered Gambit also, I’m happy with it too.

A Great Blend for Dessert and Pastry Lovers!

[3mg, Lot 103; 6mg, Lot 101]
Sweet, but not overly sweet, this blend is a really tasty pastry blend. The donut-and-custard flavor combination is delicious and right on the mark. The flavor is balanced enough to be an all-day blend for dessert lovers, but rich enough to be a rewarding treat for those who usually shy away from dessert flavors.

Rich and Rewarding

[3mg, Lot 103; 6mg, Lot 101]
Rich and sweet, but not overpoweringly sweet. The strawberry has a slight tartness to is, making it taste like actual strawberry rather than strawberry-flavored candy. The flavors come together perfectly, making this a wonderful dessert blend. While there are many strawberry-and-cream flavors on the market, this is one of the best. Highly recommended for dessert lovers or those who just want a rewarding treat every once in a while.

Excellent Cigar-Like Flavor

[3mg, Lot 103; 6mg, Lot 103]
Quite simply an excellent tobacco blend. It lacks the overwhelming peanut buttery flavor common in non-tobacco, "tobacco flavored" blends throughout the market. I'm not sure if it is intentional, but the combination of flavors gives the blend a cedar-like undertone, something that virtually every other tobacco blend misses (even those professing to be cigar flavors). Consequently, instead of tasting like a run-of-the-mill "tobacco" blend, it is very much like a box-aged cigar. Subdued and complex, this blend will really resonate with smokers of handmade cigars.

Uncommonly... bland.

[3mg, Lot 103; 6mg, Lot 103]
Unfortunately, this blend is just bland and flat. Flat like Kansas. Flat like ancient concepts of the world. The 3mg bottle tasted like lightly sweet steam. No coffee, cream, or cannoli flavors were apparent. After puffing like a freight train, I was able to coax a tiny bit of coffee flavor out of it... however, it was more like the PG/VG base had a passing thought about coffee rather than a real coffee flavor. I changed wick and coils just to be sure that they weren't defective. Unfortunately, this produced no change. Hoping that I had received a bad bottle, I tried the 6mg bottle. Unfortunately, it was just as flat. This seems like a strangely weak-flavored blend for Five Pawns. Maybe an issue with the batch?... I really, really hope so. However, if not, two stars because someone with an amped-up mod/sub-ohm may be able coax more flavor out of it.

We appreciate you taking a try this new product and are crushed to hear that it didn't live up to your expectations.
As a representative of the company I am currently vaping Black Water myself at a 25 watts on a .5 ohm coil and the flavor is distinct and delicious.
Thank you for including the lot #, we will be sure to look into the batch. It strikes us as odd that you are not getting the robust black coffee with undertones of sweet cream cannoli. In focus groups this was one of the most pronounced flavor profiles for each participant. We will keep you posted on our due diligence into this lot.

What Happened?

I'm disappointed. I used to rate the original formula Queenside as the best ejuice in the world and then they changed formulas amd the flavor is so muted that I can't do anything to bring the flavor out. I quit vaping for several years and just came back....Total Buzzkill.


We appreciate you giving us a try again after your hiatus, yet are perplexed that your Queenside experience was less than perfect. We will have a customer service representative reach out to get the batch number and get you a replacement if necessary.

Thank you for your feedback, its the only way we can improve our customer experience.

Respectfully - Five Pawns

Castle Long
Will S.
Not what I expected

I had read lots of positive reviews on this and was excited to try but after using it in several RTA’s and one RDA using both flat mesh coils along with round ones with wotofo, cotton bacon and cotton threads with wattages ranging from 25-65 is was a let down, heck I even tried it on a flooded deck but still a no go. All I run is sub ohm but did manage to get hooked up with some wrapped Claptons to try and still was not happy so now it sits in my closet.

My guess is since it’s a 50/50 sub ohm is a challenge for my setups

Hello Will,

Despite the disappointment you've expressed, we want to thank you for taking the time to leave a review, and we'd like to propose a solution.

Your knowledge of coils and and tech is impressive.

We have curated our Five Pawns Original flavor profiles and a 50/50 blend to work in simple, low power devices to maximize harm reduction and flavor at low power.
Our 50 pg 50 vg blends are less a viscous formulation which are designed to provide distinct flavor on the simplest of devices to help the adult smoker transition and reclaim their palate.

We have many customers, like you, who use sophisticated equipment that know that appreciate that these flavor profiles do not contain Sucralose or Artificial Sweeteners (which also helps coils last longer). It's likely that you are accustomed to that extra boost of sweetness perhaps. For that reason, we would suggest the Legacy Collection or Orchard Blends.

Rather than have that bottle of Castle Long sit in your closet, why don't we have you send that back and we will exchange it for another blend from one of our other lines?
If you would like to take us up on the offer please write

Thank you for your business and trust. - Five Pawns

I was a little disappointed

Received my order of Black Flag Risen and Castle Long and not sure if it’s my setup, juice or my taste but vaping Castle Long in my Solo Aegis box mod at 40-60 watts using a GV Zeus X mesh deck using Nexmesh .13 mesh coil with either Wotofo to Cotton Bacon left a unpleasant exhale and the Black Flag risen not as bad but different. I know Castle Long gets great reviews but for me not a fav but I have a few more decks to try it in so we will see. It may be the 50/50 VG/PG blend as I normally do 70/30 since I do subohm.
I would say if you want to try them get the sample pack so your not left with a lot of juice if you don’t like it.

Black Flag Risen
Kelly Privatte
I Miss the Fallen

Black Flag Risen is good for a coffee-ish, chocolatey flavor that isn't too sweet. I may have been the only person in the world who loved Black Flag Fallen - but I really wish it could rise again!

Castle Long
Damon Brown
Castle long

The three bottles that are ordered Was like y’all just made them very light in color and very light and flavor. I have to say I have been vaping this brand for over five years it was the worst batch I have ever had. It hardly had any other flavor that it should’ve had in

Hello Damon,

As a valued customer we want to make sure that we don't let this concern go unaddressed. We will have a customer service representative reach out to you and help mitigate the situation and provide you with the same product you have been loyal to over the years. We have a proprietary steeping process that ensures all product is sent out ready to use, however you know our product well and we would like to address your concern.

Thank you for taking the time to leave us the feedback. We want to earn back some of those stars and make sure you are 100% satisfied with every purchase.

Respectfully - Five Pawns

Berry Limeade
Josh Erichsen
Flavorful & delicious

Quality ingredients creates a quality product. Five Pawns creates a product that is unable to be compared with other companies. This flavor is great and feels refreshing every time I use it and is not overly strenuous on the coil. Once again, another great product and another great flavor by Five Pawns.

Castle Long
Joseph Marden
Not received

This website used to be amazing. Unfortunately due to restrictions with shipping I was told it could be weeks before I get my ejuice. Time to quit.

Hello Joseph,

Since the PACT Act legislation took effect shipping has been absolutely hectic. Our government and its agencies have eliminated our ability to ship via USPS or with other major carriers. This problem has made online sales extremely difficult and even impossible to some zip codes.

We are committed to helping offset the leading cause of preventable death and the satisfaction of our customers, so this shipping issue is extremely aggravating. We apologize for the inconvenience and have reshipped your order.

Thank you for your business - Five Pawns

Castle Long
Robert Povlock
Can't Review What I haven't received

After 2 weeks, I have yet to receive my order from Five Pawns. Castle Long is by far my favorite. But, I may switch back to local companies if I continue to experience unacceptable shipping times. I pay for shipping now and taxes too. Why am I paying for shipping when I got it faster when it didn't cost me anything?