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Black Flag Risen
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Black Flag Risen
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Nana Berry Salt
Ömer K.
Taste of garden

I don't normally like strawberry and banana flavors, but I ordered it just because I trust the brand and they use natural sweeteners. It's a very nice mix. All flavors in just the right proportion, neither too sweet nor sour. The taste it leaves in your mouth after taking it is a strawberry taste, as if I ate fruit from the garden. I like it a lot. 9/10.

Since 2015

I am a loyal vapers to five pawns since 2015, ever since all liquid are 30 ML and in glass bottle. There is a particular liquid that I am after called Fifth Rank. I love it and since it was a mixology edition it was never been released again to this day. If anyone knows this liquid I was wondering if the whirling dervish is or resemble fifth rank?

Poet - Sweet Black Tea
Elias Nastos
this is amazing

Five Pawns brand is by far the best in the world. you just can't figure out which flavor to choose because all of them are amazing, but once in a while you get the feeling that a particular flavor is crafted just for you, this is one of those cases

Villain Vapors - COWBOY
Lance Kutzler
Loved it

On recommendations from the shop owner tell me this would be a great choice for when first quitting cigarettes.

Elo Tobacco
nick miller

just tastes like nuts to me no tobacco no sweetness or anything just nuts

Pineapple Kiwi Salt
Nicole Tommarazzo
Light and fruity daily vape

I'd had a hard time finding a salt I liked - others were usually too sweet or cake- flavored. This is light, at a medium sweetness more reminiscent of actual fruit than a tropical drink.


I am delighted with your products. The only problem is the retail price. For Russia it is expensive. But at the sale how they did super. And the product itself is just super tasty. I thank you for that. All of your products are of very good quality. Sincerely, Alexander.

Last possible order

Best ever, no alternative!
Sad to hear I'll no longer be able to get it anymore online or at a store in northern California. 😕

Awesome Juice

Always great every year!

Patrick Hopkins

Quick and accurate

Sweet Pleasant Taste

What a wonderful surprise! Pleasant smooth taste, great experience. Becoming a favorite. Too bad online ordering is no longer.

Bowden's Mate

Bowden's Mate

Castle Long
dylan jennings

Always been the favorite. Can't get enough of it lol. Hope this 1 stays around

My favorite flavor

My favorite flavors , Grand Master and Castle Long are my 2 favorite scents of 5P . I'm very sad that I will have a hard time buying online in the near future

My favorite flavor!

Black water is smooth and tastes great!

Castle Long
Troy Wahl
Castle Long

One of my most favorite flavors. It is just to bad I will not be able to get it any more because of stupid rules and laws that make e-liquid very had to buy on the internet.

Castle Long
Kipper Cat
Strong Flavor

Smooth draw with a coconut and bourbon after taste. Just a bit strong for my preference.

Banana plume

Fantastic flavor. Nothing compares.

Favorite juice of all time

The flavor is spectacular!

Bold flavor

I'm usually not a fan of minty, ice or menthol type flavors. I received this in the sample pack and my first impression was wow! Bold in your face flavor which I love. Delicious chocolate on the inhale and a nice minty flavor in the exhale. Reminds me of the chocolate mint candy in green foil paper. It's so good that I ordered it in the regular size.

Melon Mash
Jimmy Hupalar
Awesome all day vape!

Great prices and excellent tasting juice.