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Very good taste.

Bowden's Mate

Castle Long
Great blend

Perfectly balanced

Castle Long
Absolutely amazing

I'm never smoking another brand. The flavor is so smooth. Castle long has a nice coconut aftertaste that's not overpowering or sweet. The main flavor is bold and warm. Each flavor is well combined and you get get the notes of bourbon, vanilla and almond with every puff . Absolutely wonderful to smoke all day.

New Dripper bottle :(

I still Love Five Paws Bodens Mate! Its will always be my favorite.
However, I'm not very happy with the new dripper bottle. The dripper spout is too small. I have the squeeze the crap out of it to fill my tank. I know you guy are dealing with the new rules, but I think you could do better. Thanks! Your still the best!!

Mango passion

Leaves a bad tast in your mouth and is week on flavor


The only flavor I use. It’s the best

Black Flag Risen
Burnt Flag Risen

Put a fresh build in my StattQualm SQuape [E]motion. 28 gauge kanthal, 1.0 ohm coil. Filled up with Black Flag Risen, after 2-3 days of vaping
@15 watts, the coil and cotton is all gunk’d up. The e liquid slowly began turning darker and is now black, & tastes completely burnt. When i use Castle Long this never happens and I can vape on the same build for a month before I need to build a fresh coil & cotton. I cannot recommend this e liquid at all.

Great tasting!!!


The best!!

One of my favorite flavors

While I don't think it tastes at all like what it describes, it is one of favorite flavors. I don't vape on anything except Five Pawns. Gambit and Castle Long(regular or reserve) are the only flavors for me!

Finally found a Great new Vape

I ordered and received on set with in four days. My husband and I both like the new Scepter. So I ordered two more sets.
Great hit and flavor of Gambit seem even better.

Black Flag Risen

Great as always!!! I have a couple of juices but this is my favorite bye far

Original sample pack

Good option to test out different flavors/nicotine strength when you are trying out Five Pawns for the first time.

Castle Long Reserve MMXX Holiday Edition

Thank you!

Just unboxed and loaded in to Rebuildable tank

Interesting, i'm not a fan of modern day juices, they all seem to be loaded with sweeteners this has definition has some throat hit to it for a 70/30 And that's Perfectly fine. the definition i was talking about different flavors not just overwhelmingly sweetened with stevia, or whatever that stuffs called...I do not mind at all paying this price for juice, Okay five pawns. you got me. you finally hooked me.i got two more juices to break into after this tank test.

Castle Long Reserve MMXX Holiday Edition
Amazing as always

This vape liquid is the best vape liquid around. The flavor of this stuff is just incredible. It tastes “distinguished” I absolutely love coconut 🥥 and almond. The bourbon 🥃 flavor tastes REAL and not cheap. I’ve been buying from 5 pawns ♟ for years and have never been disappointed! Even the things I didn’t necessarily enjoy personally I can still attest to the craftsmanship that went into those flavors. You absolutely see and taste where your extra money goes. 5 pawns ♟ makes all other vape juices seem like gas station treats vs something artisanally made!

cured me of smoking / coughing

great flavor
Cured me of smoking/ coughing!
Easy on the throat/ lungs!!!
My go-to

I like my 5pawns products. They are not my daily drivers. I prefer subtle flavors and price consciousness. I go like the 5 pawns flavors but not as the main juice. They are more pronounced. I can justify using them on a fresh cotton when you want something that stands out. Not my main but I like the brand.

Excellent Vape

5 Pawns options are all solid vapes. This one is particularly good, one of my favorites. I always keep Some Gambit on hand.

Good but would like to find my favorite flavor.

I prefer a vanilla ice cream type flavor. No fruit taste and no tobacco taste. If you have one I will buy it. KISS. Keep it simple.

Castle Long Reserve MMXX Holiday Edition

Rich, sophisticated, rich complexity. My go to!

Castle Long Reserve MMXX Holiday Edition

I love Castle Long and had to give this a try and I was not disappointed. The flavor is outstanding. Possibly the best vape juice I have ever experienced. Keep up the great work.

Castle Long Reserve MMXX Holiday Edition
Excellent Flavor!

Castle Long is my forever favorite. I always enjoy the special Reserve and now Holiday editions. A hit!

Castle Long
Love Castle Long

Over the years I've tried a few other flavors from other companies. Most of the e-juice available on the market seems to be marketed to teens or young adults with flavors resembling childhood sugary cereals or they have a puff-the-magic dragon feel to them. Five Pawns offers its customers a more refined flavor profile more akin to a cigar lounge rather than your local head shop. A few flavors stand out, including Castle Long, which I've been enjoying for over 5 years now. If you're looking for flavors that are more refined then Five Pawns has a broad enough selection to suit your needs.