Our Story

Premium E liquids from Five Pawns For the Vape Connoisseur


Five Pawns began its journey in 2012 when we were struck by inspiration - from of all places - the game of chess. Since that seminal moment seven years ago, the company has evolved into the premium e-liquid company in the industry.

We realized that the process of creating e-liquid flavor blends is like moving pawn pieces in chess, as a “pawn” is “someone or something that is used or manipulated to further one’s purpose.” It’s also fitting that the game of chess is a sophisticated and complex pursuit with a variety of outcomes, much like Five Pawns’ typical e-liquid flavor profile.

Soon after this moment of inspiration, Five Pawns started with 5 complex, handcrafted e-liquid flavors that were created for the vape connoisseur and his or her discerning approach to the experience. They recognized that five traditional tastes are distinguished by the human palate: Sweet, bitter, sour, salty, and umami (which is described as savory). Therefore, each Five Pawns product line has an ingredient mixture that satisfies each one of the five tastes. And hence the name.

With this innovative founding concept, Five Pawns has become a leading e-liquid manufacturer and online retailer in the vape industry. Creating unique vape flavors, the company produces e-liquids starting from the “molecule up,” so that each flavor remains uncompromised and created with premium ingredients and no artificial sweeteners – ever. Some of the best vape flavors Five Pawns has created are award winners and highly sought-after by the discerning vaping enthusiast who understands both taste and value.

The premium e-liquid company’s strengths are defined by the great team of people who work tirelessly to serve the vaping enthusiast. Empowering the people around the company - team members, business partners, and customers empower the organization, its brand, products, vision, and a lifestyle that we feel inspires others.

Our promise to you - remain forever innovative while holding true to our core values of people first, followed closely by our products and service as one comprehensive mission. We’d like to welcome you to the Five Pawns family and thank you for visiting us here.



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