Kingside Tobacco

Nicotine Strength

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Five Pawns Kingside Tobacco e-liquid emulates the taste of the Burley tobacco leaf, which contains almost no sugar and offers a dryer and lighter aroma.

This tobacco flavored e-liquid contains hints of hops and barley with a light and dry tobacco taste – with a little bite. Known for a lighter shade and cured by air, Five Pawns Kingside Tobacco e-liquid features a smooth taste that only Burley leaves can provide. A connoisseur’s choice tobacco, this lighter version makes it the best tobacco flavored e-liquid that we offer today.

30%PG/70%VG Blend

*This product contains tobacco-free nicotine.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews

My all day vape is Black Flag Risen. I enjoy the Kingside as a backup flavor. They both have a nice tobacco taste with other great flavors that accompany real well.


Well I'm always up for trying a new flavor. Kings Tobacco is a keeper. I'm always partial to my favorite thought, Black Flag Rising

Thank you five pawns

Thank you for providing the perfect juice I've been looking for for years I've been through them all but five ponds was the one I finally found to be the most satisfying I just wish you can get it into a 50/50 blend and send out samples and see how he liked it but by far the best tobacco juice on the market my favorite is the king side it's just too bad New York's government has to get their hands into everything it's legal to buy liquor beer cigarettes and now marijuana but God forbid they should sell any vape juice to help people quit cigarettes but thanks again five pawns for hanging in there I hope things work out

Wish I'd tried this years ago!

It's just a delightful vape! Closest to a tobacco flavor that I've ever tried, and I quit tobacco over 7 years ago. I credit vaping for saving my lungs at 73 years of age now, and Five Pawns Kingside Tobacco and Castle Long, get a lot of the credit for the satisfaction I now get from vaping instead of smoking.


Great tasting!!!