January 08, 2020 3 min read

"When we began compounding from the molecule up it was all about achieving complex flavor and layered notes. Tasting one thing on the inhale, something different on the exhale, and having something continue to linger on the tongue. I wanted to achieve this with complexity and not by using compounds that were overly sweet.

The lazy way would have been to just throw minimal flavor ingredients together and dump a bunch of sucralose into it. I went farther and achieved a balanced sweetness that isn’t artificial, isn’t overpowering, doesn’t give vapor fatigue, and enhances individual flavor notes. I was able to do this without the use or artificial sweeteners, including sucralose. I didn’t want to cut corners and I only wanted to use the best possible compounds in creating Five Pawns flavor blends.

Overly sweet liquids remind me of a really good steak that gets drowned in A1 Steak Sauce. If the steak is that good in the first place, it should only need a little salt and pepper to make it that much better. But if an e-liquid isn’t that good in the first place, why not drown it with sweeteners to hide what’s probably missing? Complexity rarely involves something overpowering and the trend today seems to involve too much artificial sweetness.

Everyone has an opinion and taste is subjective. I’m personally not a fan of overly sweet e-liquid. I don’t like the aftertaste or the film that artificial sweeteners leave in my mouth. They’re also hard on coils. Five Pawns flavor blends may not be for everyone but I’m proud of the fact that we produce adult flavor profiles that are intended for adult audiences.

It’s for all these reasons that I chose not to introduce sucralose to our blends stemming back to bottle one. Hey, some may love it but I feel like there are many people out there just like myself… and it’s just not for me.

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A legacy is established by leaving something of enduring quality behind for the organization and its people.
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We only use the highest grade ingredients in all our formulas