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Five Pawns Executive Team

Rodney Jerabek

Founder & Chief Executive Officer / Executive Mixologist

You find his signature on every bottle and imprint on nearly every aspect of the Five Pawns brand. Chief Executive Officer and Executive Mixologist Rodney Jerabek transformed his personal pursuit to create a vapor liquid of extraordinary quality into a company that has turned the vapor liquid industry on its head.

Jerabek was a successful branding designer for some of the world's leading brands when in 2012 he turned his passionate hobby of mixing vapor liquids for himself and friends into what would become the Five Pawns brand of Signature Vapor Liquids. Inspired by his passion for fine food, wine and spirits, Jerabek saw an opportunity to create vapor liquids with more complexity and flavor layers, using only the purest, locally sourced ingredients. While Jerabek fine-tuned his blends, he simultaneously developed a sophisticated chess-based imagery and brand identity that underscored Five Pawns' extraordinary ability to arouse each of the five tastes. When Five Pawns hit the market, the company quickly changed the playing field with its line of "top shelf" premium vapor liquids, presentation at retail and connection with the vapor community.

Rodney lives in Laguna Beach, CA with his young family and enjoys travel, surfing, and his time spent on the golf course. He enjoys Castle Long Reserve along with a nice dinner, fine wine and a great peaty & smoky single malt.

Gavin Tucker

Chief Operating Officer

Gavin Tucker is Five Pawns Chief Operating Officer, responsible for business operations, worldwide sales, global business development, and also oversees the company's regulatory affairs.

Gavin is an experienced leader with an extensive background as an entrepreneur and executive in diverse industries from medical devices to restaurant delivery, real estate and cosmetic products. He has developed several start-ups into competitive enterprises including Coastal Farms Fresh Produce and Apira Science Inc., where he was the key inventor of the first FDA cleared in-home, hand-free laser hair regrowth and skin rejuvenation systems.

A vapor enthusiast Gavin lives in Irvine, Calif., and enjoys boating, motorcycles, golf, surfing, playing music, and Five Pawns Gambit along with good food and wine.

Rob Fitzgerald

Chief Financial Officer

Rob Fitzgerald is Five Pawns Chief Financial Officer, overseeing Five Pawns financial planning and accounting, while also providing strategic input in brand and business development.

Prior to Five Pawns, Rob built a successful career in financial investment and management first in New York City as an equities trader and then in Southern California where he honed his skills in institutional asset liability management at Great Pacific Securities and then established CD underwriting trading desks at Banc Investment Group and D.A. Davidson & Company.

A graduate of Duke University with a degree in Economics, Rob is a world traveler and is an avid golfer. He resides in Newport Beach, CA and likes to relax with Five Pawns Symmetry Six while in the company of good friends.