In California, we know we’re lucky. We have so many amazing surf spots at our disposal, and our coastline is legendary for its surfing history. Before paddling out, we routinely enjoy a cup of our morning coffee with one hand, and a CYNC device in the other. We never take our surroundings for granted—we take it all in. This is a Five Pawns morning.

We have a growing list of favorite surf spots all over the world including: Jeffrey’s Bay (J-Bay) in South Africa, Pipeline on Oahu, and Cloudbreak on Namotu in the Fijian Islands. We’ve also discovered that there are some extraordinary places you would never have imagined that surf existed.

Here Are Our Top 5 Unexpected Surf Spots:

5) The Great Lakes "America's 3rd Coast"

Unlike surfing in the ocean, don't expect building swell that has traveled thousands of miles before reaching land. Die-hard surfers have been surfing here since the '60s, and the lake's vast coastline dishes up many different breaks during its peak Fall months.

4) Northern Africa: Morocco and Western Sahara

In Morocco, where the Atlas Mountains meet the North African coast, you can find miles of untouched beach along the wild North Atlantic. Just below Morocco, the Western Sahara coastline continues and is known for sharing the same quality of waves.

3) Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Recognized and known for its national parks and Class 3 rapids, Wyoming's Snake River is also known for the "lunch counter," a standing wave that has attracted surfers since the '70s. If you haven’t surfed a perpetual wave in a river before, it’s quite the experience to ride a wave for five minutes…only to have gone nowhere.

2) Iceland's Reykjanes Peninsula

As long as you have a thick wetsuit and don't mind near-freezing temps, you will be rewarded with your pick of uncrowded breaks all year-long. You'll also have a stellar view in almost every direction.

1) Yakutat, Alaska

Yeah, we said Alaska. Surf is a lifestyle for most, and not even freezing cold waters can keep surfers out of the water. Locals in Yakutat have dubbed their home the "Far North Shore," and during the Summer, the only way to get there is by ferry and plane. A trip well worth the transit just to surf in view of towering Mount St. Elias.

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