We get amazing letters all of the time from retail partners who have found their partnership with Five Pawns to be both personally rewarding and highly beneficial to their business. In this week's retail spotlight, we feature another high-performing vape store that has come forward to share their success story with other store owners who might be considering working with Five Pawns. Our goal is to share our partners' stories on a regular basis in an effort to offer retail best practices and key insider tips that can benefit anyone operating a vape shop.

This week we received a letter from Purely Vapor, Inc. out of Tampa, FL. Kim Shaffer is the owner and manager at Purely Vapor and wrote this testimonial describing her experiences working with Five Pawns. Kim credits her stores' ability to differentiate and elevate above the competition to their unparalleled support for each other as a team and top notch customer service. Here is what Kim wrote:

"Purely Vapor is a small B&M in Tampa, Fl with a BIG presence! Most of our team has been with us since inception. Teamwork makes the dream work! Hard work, dedication, loyalty, appreciation, and sincere concern for each other and our customers is our #1 priority. A very large part of Purely Vapor’s success can be attributed to the support of our loyal staff and customers.

Shortly after opening our store in March of 2013, we established a relationship with Five Pawns as an Authorized Retail Partner. They welcomed us with open arms and have always been such a great group to work with. They genuinely care about the success of their retail partners and the vape community. Daniel Phung is our Sales Rep.  He’s always very informative and sincere. He reaches out to the team, not just the manager/owner. Trusted quality products are what our customers want. Five Pawns provides that, consistently.

Customers depend on knowledge, honesty, and guidance from us. The changes to our industry over the past months have created the necessity for retailers and their customers to establish trustworthy, dependable, and informed relationships with companies committed to the longevity of the vape industry. Five Pawns has proven through their innovation, consistency, and high quality that they will be there. They have set the standards high in the vape industry. Purely Vapor is all about enhancing the customer experience. We want the products we sell to be reliable and trusted indefinitely. Not just for the next year. Continuing to foster our partnership with Five Pawns and purveyors alike is guaranteed assurance.

On behalf of the entire Purely Vapor team, we would like to say thank you Five Pawns! Our customers and staff are always as equally excited to see what your next move will be." -- Kim Shaffer, Purely Vapor, Inc.


We want to offer our sincerest thanks to Kim for being an important part of the Five Pawns family, and for sharing her tips for success with vape shop owners throughout the world.