We love getting letters from retail partners who want to let us know how their partnership with Five Pawns has improved their business. In this week’s retail spotlight, we feature another high-quality vape store that has offered to share their success story to anyone looking for sound advice to grow their business. We try to feature smart store owners and operators who come forward to share their experiences with the entire Five Pawns family.

Most of us are in the vaping industry because vaping helped us quit smoking or we know a loved one who has successfully quit smoking thanks to vaping. Seeing the transformation people can make after finally realizing there is another alternative to smoking beyond the mostly ineffective prescription tobacco cessation products is nothing short of life changing. In retail, we want other people to be as successful as possible in their decision to quit smoking for good. We work hard to educate newcomers about the equipment and terminology of the new technology. We also put a lot of thought and hard work into the partnerships we create with retailers and innovators of the industry to provide the best possible scenarios and equipment for our customers to find personal success. In the end, we know that if we can help our customers find the right kinds of liquids and devices with flavors they truly enjoy, we can help them discover the same benefits we enjoy. No one understands this better than Keith Fairman with Diamond Vapor out of the great state of Florida. Here is what he recommends to other store operators across the country: 

"I brought in the Cync pods about 3 months ago, and at first I thought it would take away from sales of regular liquids. They sat for the first week, until I started using them as a turning point for the new vapers that were walking in and were overwhelmed with having to change coils and switching out batteries. After my second week, I can not keep the Cync or the Five Pawns flavors on my shelves. It has actually increased my other liquid lines sales, because once new vapers get comfortable with the switch to the Cync from analogs, they want to see what else is out there, like I believe all human beings do. It was one of the best investments I have done for my shop in a long time... I couldn't be happier.” - Keith Fairman,  Diamond Vapor


We want to send a special thanks to Keith and everyone else at Diamond Vapor for taking the time to write in and share your thoughts. It is retail partners like you that fuel us to keep fighting harder than ever to improve, innovate, and elevate this industry.