Call Me "Mr. Mac Vaper."

I respect the art of vaping. There are volumes of knowledge that go into being able to enjoy the art of vaping. There are electrical engineers that create the mods, know Ohm’s law and how to route electrons through a machine to heat a coil of wire in such a way to flash boil e-liquid into a vapor. Mixologists work tirelessly to create the newest flavors and then have to figure out the best mixes so that they still flow and wick into the coils so as to not burn and cause the dreaded dry hit. Tinkerers fiddle around with things to improve them; and in turn, innovate and push the movement forward with longer lasting batteries and better tank set-ups. It’s beautiful. Walking into the local vape shop, there is a never ending supply of vape nerds bragging about their newest build and how they wrapped the perfect coil. They compare their mods and put them on display the same way a car enthusiast talks about the 350 small block they just rebuilt and tricked out. It’s fun to listen to and the amount of time and knowledge spent on this past time is creating a new worldwide industry at a pace that far outstrips the regulatory process. That being said, I don’t get that far into the process. 

On the phone with a friend of mine, we were discussing his recent transition from vape pens to a box mod with a tank and coil set up. He was a die-hard cartomizer user and had always resisted switching to tanks and mods because, like me, he was not that into it. He loved vaping and was a long time smoker, so it's not the fact that he takes his vice lightly. We compared it best to Mac and PC. (Hold off on judgment for a minute and take in the analogy.) We both are, for lack of a better word, creatives. I am a video producer, and he is an audio engineer. We both started on a PC and moved as quickly as we could onto Mac. I hear all of the time that I am good at computers, but that's not true. I know very little about computers. I am proficient within the software I need to practice my craft, but as far as ram and hard drives and video cards are concerned... I have to admit I am pretty ignorant. I know enough about the quality of the computer I buy and how to maintain it, but I don’t want to be a computer engineer.

When I listen to guys that are really into PC’s, it seems that they are just as much into building them as they are into using them. The same holds true with vaping. Certain people genuinely enjoy figuring out how to make a mod and coils from scratch. I am not that guy. That guy is fine. As I said before, that guy is the innovator that pushes the industry along. I am a Mac vaper. I want to put liquid into a tank, a tank onto a battery, and go. I don’t want to think about having to break it down and clean it or how to wind a coil. I do not mind paying a little extra to have someone who knows way more about it to do that for me.

The issue for people like us that just enjoy vaping for the vape of it are the laws being passed all around us that inhibit us from vaping exactly how we are used to. As I said before, I am not completely ignorant. I don’t use over the counter 500 puff e-cigs from the gas station. I know enough about vaping to be sure that I am getting what I want. A nice strong hit with plenty of flavor at a reasonable price. With the recent laws being passed here in the great state of Indiana, that is getting more difficult to maintain.