Five Pawns CEO, Rodney Jerabek, recently sat down with Stephanie Banfield of Vapor Voice magazine for an in-depth look at how the company forged its unique path on the road to success within an ever-changing and unpredictable industry. Jerabek explains the origin of the brand, the struggles that were encountered along the way, and the company's current status regarding ethics and regulations.

When asked about the iconic Five Pawns branding style, Jerabek elaborates, “a pawn, by dictionary definition, is something that can be used or sacrificed to further one’s purpose. And I looked at the liquid that we were making and looked at that as being the pawn, and looked at the complexity and the sophistication of the game of chess. It’s a very sophisticated game, and these were very sophisticated and complex flavor offerings or blends that we were putting together. So tying chess imagery with five tastes and the pawn, the name just came together.”

The interview touches on Rodney's personal background involving smoking tobacco, his family life and how perceptions of his chosen career path from outsiders have changed throughout the years.

The future of the vaping industry will indeed be an uphill battle with tightening regulations nationwide, but the team at Five Pawns has always been prepared and confident that they will be able to take on any challenge thrown their way. An important aspect of this business is to remember why it was created; to help people make changes in their lives and to lead with a positive light. "I’m excited to further pursue that and to try to get more people to use these products, whether they are Five Pawns products or they are other vapor products. I just think that it’s such an amazing technology, and I’m just excited for more people to experience it,” Jerabek explains.

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