We are excited to announce the debut of the latest innovation in vaping devices offered by Five Pawns. The Cync is a simple plug-and-play system developed with the ease of cigalike devices, but with superior flavor experience known from larger open tank vaping systems. This ENDS (Electronic Nicotine Delivery System) contains a closed tank system with a revolutionary proprietary vertical coil leaving the user with an experience of full satisfaction.

This small system is discreet yet powerful, delivering full flavor and vapor production. Each Five Pawns flavor has been formulated specifically for the Cync device, guaranteeing the true Five Pawns experience of superior flavor with each draw. The Cync device charges in a quick 15 minutes through a simple micro USB cord. It is easy to use, as the flavor pods are gently clicked into place and ready to vape. Users can choose between the standard device which displays a longer, sleeker and elegant design, or the uniquely compact design of the stealth device.

The need to activate vapor production by pushing a button is long gone, for the Cync produces vapor with a simple puff activation technology. When the flavor pod is empty, it is easily replaced by removing it from the battery and discarding it appropriately. A new pod is then clicked into place, affording extra ease of switching between flavors without the hassle of rebuilding a coil or cleaning a tank as with the average currently popular open tank systems.

The Cync system is the perfect segue into the vaping lifestyle. It is affordable, discreet, and very simple to use for those new to vapor products, as well as those experienced within the industry. The non-disruptive nature and compact size make it the perfect travel companion, as the entire system can fit easily into a pocket or purse.

The Five Pawns trademarked flavor pods come in the iconic flavors that have been sold over the last five years. The flavor options also include two new uniquely formulated flavors including a tobacco blend and a smooth menthol tobacco blend to ease the transition into vaping for new users and tobacco lovers alike. Your iconic flavor pods include Castle Long, Grandmaster, Black Flag Risen Enriched, Gambit and Symmetry Six; all specifically formulated for use in the Cync system to deliver an unparalleled flavor experience that has become the standard for all Five Pawns products.

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