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Five Pawns Retail Partner Spotlight: Purely Vapor

We get amazing letters all of the time from retail partners who have found their partnership with Five Pawns to be both personally rewarding and highly beneficial to their business. In this week's retail spotlight, we feature another high-performing vape store that has come forward to share their success story with other store owners who might be considering working with Five Pawns. Our goal is to share our partners' stories on a regular basis in an effort to offer retail best practices and key insider tips that can benefit anyone operating a vape shop.

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Real Stories: Stefan Didak - Part II

At the start of 2015, I was pretty tired of what had become 10+ hour days, and I was looking for options to scale back. Once again I saw a window of opportunity to do just that when I got a call from Gregory Conley informing me that he had just talked to a journalist who mentioned some sort of campaign by the Department of Public Health in California. He said that they were going to run next week and that the campaign was going to be called “Still Blowing Smoke.”

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Winter Cocktail Pairing - Cranberry Apple Cider

We’ve all had those tough days in the office when nothing goes right and every meeting seems longer than the last. To get through those long days and short nights, just take a break, kick up your feet, and warm your soul with a Cranberry Apple Cider. The cocktail is exactly what it sounds like: a spiced apple treat for those looking to distress from the daily grind.

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Real Stories: Michael Harris

I’m a minimalist.  Well, at least it’s been one of my life’s pursuits.  I try to carry as little ‘stuff’ as possible on my person, have as little clutter around my office and house as possible, and use as little gear as possible to achieve my goal – whether it be working, surfing, cooking, running or cycling.  I’m a small business owner and find personally that work and home environments clear of clutter help me to focus on tasks more effectively.

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Host a Great Mardi Gras Party with Five Pawns

There are essentials to every Mardi Gras party: beads, masks, perhaps the occasional jambalaya or fried oyster, but, most importantly, the libations. New Orleans has never been shy about its cocktail history and no visit to the southern city would be complete without a drink or two. But don’t stop there -- Step up your Mardi Gras game this year with a few select vape pairings. Here are our favorite classic New Orleans cocktails paired with a few choice vapes.

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