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Reaching Out to a New Audience: Tobacco Business Magazine

Five Pawns CEO, Rodney Jerabek, recently sat down with Ben Stimpson of Tobacco Business Magazine to share his entrepreneurial success story in context with his stated goal of introducing vapor products to the conventional tobacco business audience.

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Spring Cocktail Pairing - Green Apple Sangria

Take a refreshing break with one of your favorite Five Pawns liquids this spring. This recipe for a Spanish Green Apple Sangria is sure to impress your guests.

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National Honesty Day: Share your Story

As vapers, we tend to get asked a lot of questions about the subject and it is our responsibility to be willing and able to answer these questions in an informative and positive manner. Today is an opportunity to contribute to the increase of positive and solid information on being a vaper and what it entails.

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10 Best Earth Day DIY's

Here are the 10 best ways to reuse your Five Pawns brand E-liquid tubes simply and efficiently. It's easy to do your part, and as a collective whole, we can make a huge difference in the current state of our planet.

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National Peach Cobbler Day Recipe: Lucena

We have two great ways to celebrate this year, a delicious home-made peach cobbler recipe and the irresistible taste of our beloved vaulted Five Pawns flavor, Lucena.

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Vape News: Bowden's Mate

Seductive yet soft, with a refreshing effervescent note. Allow this cool and silky blend to envelop your senses. Indulge, you deserve it.

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Real Stories: Stefan Didak - Part III

For 2017, we’re planning some new efforts as we all know that it will be a brutal year. We will see a lot more state battles, tax bills, and a further push by public health organizations to diminish and destroy this life changing technology. But all the while, we all need to keep in mind why we’re doing this; to keep these products easily available to as many smokers as possible at an affordable cost.

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