The Legacy Collection Sample Pack - 5

Nicotine Strength



Legacy Collection by Five Pawns 10mL Sample Sizes
1x Poet - Sweet Black Tea
1x Vape Orenda - Whirling Dervish
1x District One21 - Salted Caramel
1x The Plume Room - Banana Pudding
1x Villain Vapors - Dillinger


Poet - Sweet Black Tea
This refreshing e-liquid blends a unique mix of sweetened black tea with a variety of mixed fruit notes. Rediscover this amazing flavor. BLEND 65%VG/35%PG

Vape Orenda - Whirling Dervish
Reminiscent of an artisan cinnamon roll, this multi-layered e-liquid combines vanilla cream enriched custard with exotic spices, while gently tucking notes of honey, and other aromas into its folds. It’s unlike any vape you’ve ever experienced. BLEND 60%VG/40%PG

District One21 - Salted Caramel
A well-balanced blend of buttered pralines drizzled with cream and a healthy dose of salted caramel. Enjoy the rebirth of this iconic flavor. BLEND 70%VG/30%PG

The Plume Room - Banana Pudding
A hint of banana layered with cream, a touch of vanilla, and undertones of pie crust creates a silky smooth, well-rounded flavor experience. A fan favorite since 2012. BLEND 60%VG/40%PG

Villain Vapors - Dillinger
Caramel, vanilla ice cream, and custard combine to form a blissfully sweet flavor with an award-winning history. BLEND 70%VG/30%PG


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Misty Childs
Great purchase!

Found 3 new flavors now that I got to sample them all! Salted Caramel might be my favorite

Gabriel Giersdorf
Good sample pack

All of the flavors were good though I didn't pay enough attention to the individual flavors to review each one.

Myra Dempsey
Castle Long

I have vaped Castle Long for about 5 years and when I left NYC for Florida I thought my favorite ejuice would be lost. I am so happy to go directly to the source now. The flavor, is amazing. It’s my all time go to.

No shipment to my area

Why don't you guys ship to Barling Arkansas I've been buying ur product out of stock at the vapor station in ft smith n I'm tired of trying to wait on them to get it in stock there so I wanna order direct from you can you make it happen

S Lopiccolo
Such great variety

All these are great, but the banana pudding & salted caramel are exceptional. Dillinger is a new favorite too. Long time Castle Long user, but banana pudding is now a go to too.